The reliability and professionalism our company is synonymous with has been recognised by the creation of many projects for the most prestigious hotels along Lake Maggiore and Lake Orta.




MIRANI PISCINE has installed numerous swimming pools for private use. What makes us most proud is that the vast majority of our customers have remained loyal to us over time. Many of these installations have been realised on the premises of luxurious villas where the choice of the design and materials make the difference.



Thanks to recent technologies it does not take too much space so that everybody can decide to create this small domestic oasis within the privacy of one’s own home. For obvious reasons, only competent professionals must be entrusted with the design. In addition to designing the pool, the latter should also be capable of managing the dehumidification, heating and lighting system, so as to guarantee the highest quality result in future use. As the cherry on the cake, smaller pools may be equipped with the HydrosStar counter-current swimming feature that enables pleasant workout swims for sports enthusiasts at the comfort of their home and at low maintenance costs.





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The Binder HydroStar counter-current swimming system aims at reproducing as accurately as possible the naturally found powerful water flow and introduce it to the pool. The flow is fed by turbines that produce an abundant jet of water without splashes that is powerful enough to push the body into the water, imitating a natural current. It can be regulated so as to allow you to practice resistance swimming in pools of any size without the need to turn around in the basin, enabling you to devote yourself to swimming against the current with constancy and without interruptions, for excellent physical exercise. The system offers an adjustable flow from 160 m³ / h to 550 m³/ h, with a much lower electricity consumption than that produced by pumps of similar power, in order to manage expenses.


• Counter-current swimming system with turbine for a unique swimming experience, wide flow, sweet but powerful • No "selective pressure", the body is transported by water
• Individually regulated flow with a remote control, a piezo-electric quartz switch or touch screen
• High energy efficiency (230VAC / 1350VA)
• No noise or vibration
• Simple and fast installation
• No maintenance

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Whether waterfalls or counter-current swimming, swimming pools are more and more becoming an area equipped for fun and wellness alike. If you are looking for a little relaxation, there are different types of vents and loungers to place directly in the pool for hydro massage and beach-like pool entries that can become the area where you can sunbathe while being immersed in cool water.

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A useful accessory for the pool is the shower, which can be either solar or hot water-powered. We have selected high-end products that guarantee durability.


Equipping the pool of an integration system with the caloric intake of the sun certainly means raising the quality standard. It allows to prolong the "swimming season" by increasing the pool temperature by 2 - 3 degrees that are necessary to enjoy the pool in the periods preceding and following the summer. It is possible to heat the pool water either through a heat exchanger that uses the primary water of the boiler at home, in those periods when it is not used for total potential, or with the use of heat pumps. The heat pump allows the pool water to be heated using the inversion of the hot / cold cycle. Even if the installation costs are higher than those of a normal heat exchange boiler, the benefits are in the energy yield. In fact, now the modern heat pumps provide five times higher yields than the used energy. If they are powered by a photovoltaic system, they reduce the local emissions of polluting gases and their costs are deductible (as for technologies from renewable sources).

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ANGELEYE IS AN ALARM SYSTEM FOR PREVENTING DROWNINGThanks to the new underwater LED lights that include special sensory cameras, the AngelEye software is able to analyze the movements of people swimming in the water, to detect initial drowning patterns and immediately alert the security personnel. AngelEye has been studied specifically for the typical needs of private pools, in hotels and accommodation facilities. The installation is simple and also allows the replacement of any underwater lamps with new devices integrated with LED technology. The alarms produced by the system can be transmitted via the most modern devices such as personal computers, tablets and smartphones.

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The nocturnal hours will guarantee intense emotions, thanks to the LED lights positioned in line with precise parameters of functional aesthetics, lending adequate power to the surface to be illuminated.


This is a pleasant accessory for music lovers, especially for indoor pools. It is possible to diffuse the same music as is already playing in the surroundings under water with underwater speakers, thus adding marked effects.